Our specialty services ensure that every patient receives the individual, customized care he/she needs.


We know that each health diagnosis and condition, like each patient, is different and brings specific needs. To ensure we best meet the needs of our patients, our team has undergone extensive education, training and certification processes.

We offer skilled nursing services, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, aide, Lifeline alert and personal care services that are customized for every patient/customer.

To provide the most advanced treatments for our patients, we also offer a variety of specialty programs that both improve quality of life for patients, and also help increase independence for the patient and caregiver.

Our Specialized Services Include: 


Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care
Patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia require specific attention to ensure their medical needs are being met. Our staff is trained to ensure these patients receive the care they need, and the stability and reassurance to keep them at ease.

Arthritis Care
Our team of nurses and aides are trained to help patients who suffer from arthritis. We’ll partner with you to reduce pain, improve function and prevent further damage through lifestyle changes and physical therapy.

Behavioral Health & Depression Care
For patients whose behavioral health or depression interferes with their daily lives, we can provide support that promotes health and stability. Our services can include educating the patient and caregivers, connecting the patient to counseling and/or community support groups or agencies, and teaching the patient coping skills.

Blood Pressure & Hypertension Care
Our caregivers are trained to help you control blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. We’ll work with you to find the best customized solution for your lifestyle, which often includes exercise, nutrition counseling and meal preparation, and medication management.

Cardiac Care
If you are recovering from cardiac surgery or illness, our cardiac care specialty ensures that you receive everything you need to manage your condition. Our caregiver team of specially trained nurses; physical, occupational and speech therapists; social workers and personal care aides will help you make lifestyle changes, restore function through rehabilitation and provide personal care services to support you in every way possible.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Care
If you are living with COPD, our caregivers will work with you to ease symptoms and improve your quality of life. We’ll help educate you and your caregivers about this disease and how to prevent hospitalization by managing the disease through nutrition, breathing techniques, medication, exercise, oxygen therapy and other lifestyle changes.

Congestive Heart Failure Care
Although Congestive Heart Failure is not treatable, our caregivers partner with patients to help manage their condition and improve their quality of life. Our support can include medication management, nutrition counseling and meal preparation, patient and caregiver education to minimize episodes of serious illness, and helping with daily personal care activities.

Coronary Artery / Heart Disease Care
For people suffering from coronary artery disease, also known as heart disease, completing daily tasks and managing medications can be challenging. Our specialized caregivers are trained to help you make lifestyle changes – such as nutrition and exercise – to manage this disease, to help you manage medications, and to help with daily tasks such as meal preparation and hygiene.

Diabetes Care
Our caregivers are trained to help individuals and their families develop a customized treatment plan to help improve quality of life, prevent hospitalization and properly manage medications. Treatment plans can include lifestyle changes, including exercise and nutrition counseling; blood glucose monitoring; administering insulin injections; education about how to best manage the disease and detect signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia/ hyperglycemia; and much more.

Fall Prevention
Our caregivers understand that a fall can have serious consequences for our patients, so we have undergone extensive training to help prevent falls in the home. We assess the home for potential fall risks, work with patients to mitigate those environmental risks and educate our patients about how to prevent falls through proper sitting/standing/etc.

Geriatric Care
Properly caring for the elderly requires special training, and our caregivers have undergone training and certifications to ensure we provide the most comprehensive care possible for seniors.

Joint Replacement & Orthopedic Care
Whether you are recovering from a surgery or are learning to live with orthopedic challenges, we can help provide skilled nursing services, as well as comprehensive physical and occupational therapy to help you regain function. Our aides can also support you with personal care services while you recover.

Medication Management
We understand that managing multiple medications can be challenging, so our caregivers are trained to help ensure proper doses are taken at the correct times, help answer any questions you have, and help manage your medication ordering and tracking. We also offer medication dispensers to safely provide increased independence.

Paraplegia Care
If you have a spinal cord injury and are paraplegic, our caregivers can support you with a variety of personal care and hygiene services, household tasks, respite care for family members, and skilled nursing when necessary.

Parkinson’s Disease Care
Parkinson’s Disease can cause difficulty with walking and movement, speaking and swallowing, making it more challenging to conduct daily activities. Our caregivers are specially trained to help patients manage symptoms and enjoy a high quality of life. Our services include adapting your environment, nutrition counseling and physical, speech and occupational therapy.

Sacroiliac Dysfunction Care
If you suffer from sacroiliac joint dysfunction (joint pain), our caregivers can most often help you manage your pain without surgery. Our nurses have undergone extensive training in this specialty, and support can include physical therapy, medication management and education.

Stroke Care
When it comes to stroke care, every patient has different needs. Our caregivers will work with those recovering from a stroke – and their families – to help the patient recover and prevent secondary symptoms often associated with inactivity, such as falls, pneumonia, stiff joints and bed sores. We’ll work with patients to effectively manage medication, implement safety measures, make lifestyle changes as needed and conduct physical, occupational and speech therapy as necessary to help regain function.

Ventilator Care
For patients who must remain on a ventilator at home to maintain breathing, superior care is critical. Our nurses are trained to help patients and their caregivers properly manage their ventilator and overcome challenges.

Vestibular/Vertigo Care
Our caregivers have undergone extensive training and certification to help those suffering from vertigo due to vestibular dysfunction. Our specialized services include customized physical and occupational therapy services and education to improve symptoms with lifestyle changes.

Wound Care
Our nurses, therapists and aides are thoroughly trained in providing the best wound care possible to ensure both the transition to home and the healing process go as smoothly as possible. Our services include proper dressing changes, educating the patient about concerning symptoms, improving patient comfort and more – ultimately improving healing time and reducing infections and complications.


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