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Discover how we bring our resources and relationships together so we can create a personalized team to establish sustainable generational growth for years to come.

What We Do


The Clovvr Group is a Fort Lauderdale-based private equity investment group that invests in middle market businesses poised to undergo a transformation.

We target companies that are facing a critical inflection point ranging from high growth to distressed situations where a combination of capital and operational expertise can drive significant value creation. Clovvr is backed by multiple capital sources, which creates flexibility and patience in our investment mandate. Our team has a strong track record of driving transformative change as long-term, constructive partners to middle market business owners.

Acquisitions of non-core operations or product/service lines where we leverage prior experience and our single capital source to affect carveouts from larger corporate parents on an expedited basis. We leverage our operational resources to quickly transform the operation into a well-performing standalone business with appropriate infrastructure to support long-term success.

Control acquisitions of healthy businesses where we can drive a post-close acquisition strategy. We seek businesses in fragmented industries where an initial investment can be a platform for industry consolidation of smaller, complementary competitors and yield significant operational benefits in driving both growth and cost improvements for the combined business.

Investments in companies with a fundamental reason for being that need assistance through challenging situations including companies requiring a turnaround plan / financial restructuring, addressing liquidity challenges, or managing through one-time events (management missteps, poor M&A, lost customers, etc.)

Our endless relationship with established and reliable real estate experts have yielded countless investment projects all around the world. In addition, our alignment with Real Estate Brokers, gives you a direct line to new investment opportunities in real time.

About The Clovvr Group

Here at the Clovvr Group you have Flexible, Long-Term, Constructive Partners. We drive value through a strategic and operational approach coupled with patient capital and an extremely flexible mandate. We invest in middle market businesses that are facing an inflection point and ready for transformation. This includes corporate carveouts, family or founder owned businesses, and companies requiring investment to drive organic or acquisitive growth. Contact us today for a free consultation!